Saturday, August 17, 2013

Beware Cheap Halloween Costumes at Amazon!

Amazon has a lot of things. Unfortunately, this means both good and not-so-good products. Every year I check my share of Halloween costumes. Not only for me but also for my readers. And every year, I can see people disappointed with their costume.

Don't get me wrong, Amazon has also great costumes (I give some examples here) but when you get a cheap one, be a bit careful about other reviews.

Here is an example of costume I wouldn't buy myself:

Batman The Dark Knight Joker Deluxe Costume

Looks nice on the photo, the idea is good (the Joker character is a good one, the Dark Knight movies are popular...) and the name includes "Deluxe" in it. Its price: $38.83 (as of August 17th).

The problem? The quality isn't deluxe, the mask isn't high quality, etc... Sure, for the price, it is a decent costume, but don't expect a "deluxe" product.

Another example:

Fun World Costumes Men's Mens Complete 3D Zombie-Adult

The photo is stunning. Such a costume would be worth more than the 30 something dollars it costs. The problem is that it is again a case of a misleading product. From another buyer (not me):  "It looks nothing like the photo on the package". And this is not the only disappointed customer. Again, the costume isn't bad, it is just that customers are expecting more from it because of the photo.

So, it is hopeless?

No, it isn't. Amazon has also pretty nice costumes. This one for example has a lot of success:

California Costume Men's Adult-Cutthroat Pirate

It is in the same price range (a bit more than $30) and is of nice quality. It has also the advantage to go very well with this costume if you have a partner for the Halloween party:

California Costumes Women's South Seas Siren Costume

Anyway, this was just a reminder about checking some reviews before buying a costume, especially a cheap one. Have a nice Halloween!

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