Saturday, August 17, 2013

3 Cheap Halloween Costumes for Men 2013

Some people like to spend a lot of money on their Halloween costume. Others like to make them themselves. Finally, you have some people who just want a cheap and simple costume, just to fit to a the Halloween party.

If you are in this last group, here are some nice options from you.

A really nice one, especially when you consider it is under $10 and that it includes some accessories (horns and teeth).

Price: depends on size, the Men MED one is just below $20.

This is another nice costume. Some drawbacks: the mask is not so good and the scythe is not included (you can get a cheap scythe here). For less than $20, this is still a good overall costume.

Bioworld Men's Dark Night Joker Tuxedo Tee

Price: depends on size, $11.48 for Large

More a T-shirt than a costume but it does the job. Fits Halloween, the Dark knight movies, etc... Another advantage is that you won't have costume problems (something that falls down, movement limitations, ...) during the Halloween party with this costume.

So here were 3 options, for you. If you want to browse more costumes at Amazon, have a look here.

Beware Cheap Halloween Costumes at Amazon!

Amazon has a lot of things. Unfortunately, this means both good and not-so-good products. Every year I check my share of Halloween costumes. Not only for me but also for my readers. And every year, I can see people disappointed with their costume.

Don't get me wrong, Amazon has also great costumes (I give some examples here) but when you get a cheap one, be a bit careful about other reviews.

Here is an example of costume I wouldn't buy myself:

Batman The Dark Knight Joker Deluxe Costume

Looks nice on the photo, the idea is good (the Joker character is a good one, the Dark Knight movies are popular...) and the name includes "Deluxe" in it. Its price: $38.83 (as of August 17th).

The problem? The quality isn't deluxe, the mask isn't high quality, etc... Sure, for the price, it is a decent costume, but don't expect a "deluxe" product.

Another example:

Fun World Costumes Men's Mens Complete 3D Zombie-Adult

The photo is stunning. Such a costume would be worth more than the 30 something dollars it costs. The problem is that it is again a case of a misleading product. From another buyer (not me):  "It looks nothing like the photo on the package". And this is not the only disappointed customer. Again, the costume isn't bad, it is just that customers are expecting more from it because of the photo.

So, it is hopeless?

No, it isn't. Amazon has also pretty nice costumes. This one for example has a lot of success:

California Costume Men's Adult-Cutthroat Pirate

It is in the same price range (a bit more than $30) and is of nice quality. It has also the advantage to go very well with this costume if you have a partner for the Halloween party:

California Costumes Women's South Seas Siren Costume

Anyway, this was just a reminder about checking some reviews before buying a costume, especially a cheap one. Have a nice Halloween!

Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Where to Buy Halloween Costumes: the Best Websites

Do you want to avoid the overcrowded costume shops this year? Or maybe you would like to use more time to choose a costume and not just to rush into whatever the sales person is trying to sell you?

Then, buying your Halloween costume online is a good option. As long as you know which websites to use. Here is a review of some sites where you can buy costumes for Halloween. Follow the guide...

Amazon is the most natural choice (click here to access directly the Halloween costume page). It sells a bit of everything, has a good reputation and everyone knows it.

I am not always satisfied with their choice of Halloween costumes (if I was, I would not write an article featuring 3 websites, I would just mention Amazon). Also some costumes sold at Amazon are quite bad, so you should check the reviews left by other customers.

Here are some costumes I like and that got positive reviews:
- for men:

Star Wars Jedi Super Deluxe Adult Robe

Price (last checked August 2013): $58.12

A good and simple costume (just a robe) which will satisfy the fans of Star Wars (we are many of them aren't we?).

California Costume Men's Adult-Hercules

Price for L-size (last checked August 2013): $31.11

Not the best quality costume but good for the price and with many possibilities for extras (sword, shield, headband, ...).

SecondSkin Full Body Spandex/Lycra Suit

Price for L-size (last checked August 2013): $29.95

A new and original costume. Comes in several colors. For mortal kombat fans, this can remind of Noob.

- for women:

California Costumes Women's Incantasia, The Glamour Witch

Price for M-size (last checked August 2013): $31.28

Fits perfectly with the Halloween theme.

California Costumes Women's South Seas Siren Costume

Price for M-size (last checked August 2013): $24.49

For fans of Pirates of the Caribbean.


HalloweenMart is more focused on Halloween costumes and accessories, so I like it better for this particular kind of products. The choice is wider and they cannot afford to feature a bad quality costume as it would hurt their reputation.

Here are a few examples but believe me, they have many more costumes to choose from:

Price (last checked August 2013): $34.99

A very nice costume to an affordable price. Totally fits with Halloween.

Price (last checked August 2013): $69.99

A bit more expensive but includes the vest, the cloak, the hat and the jabot (neckwear). Not only fits with Halloween but also with Sherlock Holmes (the movies, the game, etc...).

Price (last checked August 2013): $49.99

Sorry, as a guy, I just had to feature this costume. We are many to find this part of Star Wars sexy and this costume is rendering it very well. If you want some attention during the Halloween party, this is for you.

Price (last checked August 2013): $59.99

Another version of this character. If you want something less revealing.

This costume is on sale now for $20.00

Perfect for Halloween, it is scarier than the Glamour Witch costume featured above.

Frank Bee Costume Center

Finally, the Frank Bee Costume Center is a great place to get any kind of costumes. It is not specific to Halloween but you can find some costumes that will fit with this theme. 

Here are 2 examples:

HS Superman Adult

Price (last checked August 2013): $39.99

Perfect for the fans of the movie Man of Steel.

Adult Lady Gaga Poker Face Video Swimsuit

Price (last checked August 2013): $47.95

A classic, perfect for a party (especially if you have the Lady Gaga attitude).


With these 3 websites, you will have already quite a lot of choice for your Halloween costume. I hope you will find a great one and wish you a happy Halloween!